Nixplay Iris 8 inch (Wi-Fi) Review
Nixplay Iris 8 inch (Wi-Fi) Review
Nixplay Iris 8 inch (Wi-Fi) Review
Nixplay Iris 8 inch (Wi-Fi) Review
Nixplay Iris 8 inch (Wi-Fi) Review
Nixplay Iris 8 inch (Wi-Fi) Review
Nixplay Iris 8 inch (Wi-Fi) Review
Nixplay Iris 8 inch (Wi-Fi) Review
Nixplay Iris 8 inch (Wi-Fi) Review
Nixplay Iris 8 inch (Wi-Fi) Review
Nixplay Iris 8 inch (Wi-Fi) Review
Nixplay Iris 8 inch (Wi-Fi) Review
Nixplay Iris 8 inch (Wi-Fi) Review
Nixplay Iris 8 inch (Wi-Fi) Review
Nixplay Iris 8 inch (Wi-Fi) Review
Nixplay Iris 8 inch (Wi-Fi) Review
Nixplay Iris 8 inch (Wi-Fi) Review
Nixplay Iris 8 inch (Wi-Fi) Review
Nixplay Iris 8 inch (Wi-Fi) Review
Nixplay Iris 8 inch (Wi-Fi) Review
Nixplay Iris 8 inch (Wi-Fi) Review
Nixplay Iris 8 inch (Wi-Fi) Review
Nixplay Iris 8 inch (Wi-Fi) Review
Nixplay Iris 8 inch (Wi-Fi) Review
Nixplay Iris 8 inch (Wi-Fi) Review
Nixplay Iris 8 inch (Wi-Fi) Review
Nixplay Iris 8 inch (Wi-Fi) Review

Nixplay Iris 8 inch (Wi-Fi) Review


  • Stunning silk metal-finish
  • Use the Nixplay App (iOS & Android) to upload 15-second videos and images
  • No more memory sticks or cards
  • Plays photos in 4:3 High Resolution IPS Display
  • Slim, cable-stand design
  • Activity Sensor
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Wi-Fi Cloud Frame
Modern Authenticity with Aluminum Classic Bezel

Meet the Nixplay Iris WiFi Digital Frame
The perfect combination of sophisticated design with cutting-edge technology. It’s stylish and sleek, with a stunning display. And keeps you close to the people you care about. Discover your photos in a new light.

Our Most Stunning Frame Yet
Designed to shine from any angle, there are three stunning silk-metal finishes to choose from: Peach Copper, Silver and Burnished Bronze.

Slim Honeycomb Woven Power Cord

Acts as an adjustable stand at the same time

Stunning Silk-Metal Finish

Designed to shine from any angle in Peach Copper, Silver and Burnished Bronze colors

Discover the Viewing Experience

Enjoy viewing photos in stunning clarity & color on a high resolution IPS display


Your favorite memories, from phone to Frame

Download on the App StoreGet it on Google Play

* Video playback is currently limited to 15 seconds per video, available for both iOS and Android Nixplay App.

Customer Testimonials

Learn how we have helped strengthen relationships, one frame at a time

Rita uses Nixplay to keep her parents up-to-date about their grandchildren
“Photos elicit so many memories and they allow for a bonding experience.”

Rita, who lives in Massachusetts with her husband and children, gave her parents, who live across the country in Washington, a Nixplay Frame so they can see how their children and grandchildren are doing.

“It was a way for us to share what was going on in the children’s lives with my parents remotely because they’ve never lived in the same town,” says Rita.

Watch how Nixplay helped Rita’s family stay close despite the distance.

Nixplay as a part of military people’s lives
When Sherra Humphreys’ daughter Rachel enlisted in the military, the proud mom immediately started thinking of ways to keep each other updated about everything happening in their lives.

“The immediate thing I [thought of] was, ‘oh, I’ll send you a Nixplay Frame and we can put a playlist on it, and we can update it, and it could play whenever you walk in.’”

Watch this video to learn about the Humphreys’ story.

Ralph scans and uploads 300 photos of memories on his mom’s Nixplay frame
Ralph and his family had already displayed a lot of their photos around their homes, but they would need several more picture frames to accommodate the years’ worth of memories they had immortalized in print.

When Ralph, his mother, and his sister each got Nixplay Frames, part of their dilemma was solved: They can now display multiple photos on a single frame, saving space and reducing clutter. And in the process of scanning hundreds of family photos to display on their Nixplay frames, they gained a new appreciation for each other.

Watch Ralph’s story here.


Chris made Nixplay his family’s internal social network
Keeping in touch can be a challenge if you belong to a big family. This was certainly the case for Chris Hansen, who lives in Colorado but has family in Ohio, Minnesota, Utah, and Arizona.

After exploring several options for sharing photos, the Hansens decided to get Nixplay frames, which offered an easy and convenient way to keep the whole family updated in real time.

Get inspired by how the Hansens use their frames in this video.

Makaala shares how Nixplay keeps them close as Military family
When you’re stationed in a different country for several years, you miss so many holidays and milestones. The separation was especially painful for Makaala, a Navy Submarine Officer previously stationed in Bahrain, and his wife Lisa.

Each time Makaala left, he worried that his daughters, particularly two-year-old Kate, would not be able to recognize him the next time he comes home. Having a Nixplay Frame made it easier to cope with the distance.

“Because of our Nixplay Frame, Kate never skipped a beat when her daddy came home because she was constantly seeing his pictures,” shares Lisa.

Watch this video to learn why every military family should have a Nixplay Frame

Introducing Affirm: A New Way To Pay For Your Nixplay Frame
















Here at Nixplay, we’re always looking for ways to help you find ways to display your favorite memories conveniently, easily, and most importantly, affordably. That’s why we’ve partnered with Affirm to give you a new payment option that’s more manageable on your pocket.

Affirm is a credit card alternative that gives you an easier way to pay for the things you love. With Affirm, you can pay for your NIX and Nixplay purchases over the course of a few months. Affirm will always show you the total amount of interest you’re expected to pay at checkout, and they will never charge any fees.

Here are some advantages of Affirm:

You can choose a payment option that fits your budget perfectly.

Affirm makes big-ticket purchases more manageable for your wallet. You’ll be presented with different payment options, and you can pick which option will best suit your current financial situation. No need to pinch pennies just to buy that item you’ve been eyeing since forever!

Affirm lets you pay for your purchases on your own terms.

If your Affirm loan is approved, you can easily customize your payment plan and details. Choose from 3, 6, or 12-month financing—whichever option works best for you. You’ll also enjoy 0% APR (annual percentage rate) if you choose to pay for your purchase within 3 months.

You know exactly how much you need to pay upfront, and there are no hidden charges.

Your Affirm interest rate and monthly payment plan will be provided to you upon checkout so you know exactly how much you need to pay each month. Affirm also notifies you when your payment date is coming up. No bill shock here!

Affirm is convenient and easy to use.

To use Affirm, simply click the ‘Affirm’ option during checkout, provide some basic information, and you’ll soon get a real-time decision. No confusing paperwork necessary.

Affirm makes gift-giving easier.

Planning to give NIX or Nixplay Frames to your loved ones? Avoid the holiday rush with Affirm! You can order your NIX and Nixplay Frames weeks ahead of the holidays and pay for them in flexible installments so you don’t have to brave the crowds doing their last-minute shopping.

Learn more about how you can use Affirm to pay for your Nixplay purchases here.

What to Keep in Mind When Preparing for a Summer Wedding

By: The Nixplay Team

Summer may be the most popular time for weddings, but that doesn’t guarantee a hitch-free ceremony! If you’re tying the knot at the height of the season, make sure to cover all bases by following these tips.

Dress for summer.

While spiffy suits and heavy beaded gowns register beautifully in photos, it can be a bit uncomfortable for summer, especially if you’re holding an outdoor event. To keep everyone smiling throughout the day, make sure you and your guests are clad in light, chic outfits in cool fabrics. Try linen suits for guys, and draped jersey dresses for the ladies.

Be mindful of the drinks you’ll serve.

Stick to light, refreshing beverages early in the ceremony and reception, as alcohol and frozen concoctions might make your guests more parched. Opt for light, refreshing juices or iced teas, and invite your guests to help themselves to bottles of water.

Consider practical wedding giveaways.

Summer weddings inspire a range of creative keepsakes your guests will use long after your big day. If you’re having an outdoor ceremony, Panama hats, fans, and sunglasses will make for great souvenirs. Luggage tags will complement their summer vacation plans, while chic utensil sets will help them make more eco-friendly decisions.

For your entourage, a more personal memento that celebrates your relationships will be a suitable gift. A Nixplay Smart Frame pre-loaded with all your favorite photos and videos would be appreciated not just in summer, but throughout the rest of the year as well.

Keep your guests cool.

An outdoor ceremony at the height of summer can be absolutely gorgeous–and absolutely sweltering. Help your guests keep their cool by setting up tents and air coolers, and distribute water misters to help them stay cool.

Have a Plan B venue for outdoor weddings.

We’re sure you’ve checked the weather forecast several times ahead of your big day, but still, you never know when it might rain! Tents can provide refuge in case of a sudden drizzle, and they will also come in handy if the sun shines a bit too brightly.




Parenting 101: How to Work Together as a Team

By: The Nixplay Team

Raising children should be a team effort. After all, parenting can be demanding and it certainly doesn’t come easy. The key is team parenting, which is defined as being united in you and your partner’s expectations, rules, guidelines, and methods of discipline. But it’s a lot harder than it sounds, especially when you and your partner have different parenting styles.

Differences in parenting styles can strain your marriage. Squabbles about how to raise kids can pile up, possibly causing irreparable damage. That’s why constant communication and teamwork are crucial. If you haven’t figured out how to do it yet, here are a few tips that can help you:

Ask each other for help.

Sharing the load is easier if both you and your partner are willing to ask each other for help. Breastfeeding, for example, can be challenging for mothers, but moms don’t always ask for help from their partner—and they should.

Fathers can help their spouses by holding their child after feeding. Baby Centre explains that this little moment is a great opportunity for a dad to bond with his child, and it’s an intimate way to show the mom that he is by her side. Showing each other genuine support is a great way to make each other’s lives easier. Delegate tasks and don’t wait to be told.

Find helpful tools that will make your life easier.

Technology has made parenting a little easier through apps and state-of-the-art baby monitors. The Raybaby Baby Monitor, for instance, allows parents to keep an eye on their baby through a video feed, and even monitors the child’s breathing patterns.

A sturdy pushchair or stroller should also be on your list. This will help keep your baby comfortable while you are traveling and moving around. iCandy has a great selection of pushchairs and prams in modern designs that can handle a multitude of terrains, Perfect for taking your baby to town or on a long walk through the park. Parents should take turns heading outside with their baby so both can rest. Taking your baby outside together is also a great way for parents to bond, and it will also get you out of the house, which can be hard with a newborn.

Be open to combining your parenting styles.

Since moms and dads often have different parenting styles, the key is to pick out the best points of both and combine them into one efficient style. Communicate with each other so you can find a comfortable compromise where both styles are given time to shine. Always coordinate with your partner before deciding on anything, from punishments to rewards. Take it from actor Will Smith and his wife Jada Pinkett Smith, who agreed to treat their kids like they would other people—with respect and admiration.

Don’t argue in front of your children.

You never want to paint the other parent as the villain, so make sure you don’t contradict your partner in front of your children. Research conducted by Very Well Family reveals that a child as young as six months can be negatively affected by parental arguments. Seeing their parents fight can cause children to withdraw and develop emotional insecurities, anxiety, and behavioral issues. Studies have also found significantly decreased cognitive performance in children born and raised in homes where parents constantly fight and yell at each other.

Misunderstandings are normal among families, but it becomes problematic when the arguments get out of hand. Whenever you feel annoyed or angry with your partner, step outside or go in a room where you can be alone to catch your breath. Sometimes, all we really need is a minute to breathe.


What’s The Coolest Adventure You’ve Been On With Your Friends?

By: Mars Salazar

Few things can strengthen a friendship quite like an adventure. And it’s usually the craziest adventures that turn you into best friends for life. Have you been on such an adventure with your friends? Here are some real-life adventures of some of our Nixplay Family:

“My friends and I were on holiday at a beach resort, and we impulsively signed up to camp out overnight, Survivor-style, on a deserted beach island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean along with a handful of newfound friends. There was no electricity, we slept in tents and hammocks, and we built a bonfire for warmth and cooking. After dinner, we went skinny dipping in the sea while drinking beers under a starry night sky. It was definitely a night we’ll never forget!” – Megan, 33

“My best friend and I celebrated our 25th birthdays by planning a 2-month trip around South America. We visited the beaches of Brazil, went to the Machu Picchu in Peru, then continued our trip onwards to Bolivia, Paraguay, Uruguay, Argentina, and Chile. It wasn’t always easy–we had a few quarrels and got into a few mishaps, but we emerged from that trip closer than ever.” – Philip, 27

“After our college graduation, my friends and I went on a road trip across the USA. We started our vacation in New York (where we were based) and followed the Atlantic Coast, driving down the Overseas Highway and crossing New Jersey, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia, eventually making our way to Florida. It was a lot of fun, and I’d love to do it again!” – Jan, 41

“My closest girlfriends and I have been joined at the hip since high school, and we’ve been each other’s confidantes throughout the years. On the year we turned 50, we went on a girls-only trip to the Maldives for a luxurious vacation. We spent a week in a villa, snorkeling and SCUBA diving, watching dolphins, enjoying spa treatments, and watching the sunset while sipping drinks. We don’t know when we can go on an adventure like this again, so I’m glad we got the chance to do this while we’re all still alive and strong.” – Greta, 51

How to Take Your Dad’s Birthday to the Next Level

By: Kiley Morrow

Dads are some of the most special people in our lives. Life advice, childhood memories in the playground, and unending support—these are just some of the things you’ll thank him for. And there’s no better way to do this than by giving your Dad the most incredible birthday.

From the moment he wakes up to the end of his birthday week, here’s how you can take your Dad’s birthday to the next level.

Start the morning right

Serve him breakfast in bed
Sometimes, it’s best to take a tip from the old days when you want to start your Dad’s birthday the right way. Just before he usually wakes up, take the time to make him a tasty, nutritious breakfast. Aside from giving him all the energy he needs for his birthday extravaganza, it’s also a great way of showing him how much you care.

Play it safe by cooking him a hearty fry-up breakfast, complete with eggs, bacon, and pancakes.

Get him the best present

Stick to something personal

You could go all-out and get your Dad an expensive present, but the best gifts usually come from the heart. These days, most people tend to start with a smaller, personal gift, before presenting him with a showstopper. Anything from handmade knitwear to a monogrammed leather wallet is sure to do the trick. Just make sure you don’t fall into the trap of getting your Dad something he will never use, or something that he already owns.

Then for a showstopping gift, why not give a luxurious gift with a personalized touch? With a range of personalized cookery sets and digital photo frames on the market, finding a special present is cheaper and easier than ever.

Give him an experience

It turns out that 74% of Americans value experiences over possessions. With this in mind, it’s no wonder that weekend breaks and memorable parties are becoming a great way to celebrate a birthday.

These go perfectly alongside special, material gifts, and can include anything from weekend breaks to days at the beach. Some people prefer to plan these kinds of experiences for big birthdays, like the big 5-0.

Hold a birthday party to remember

Choose the perfect cake

No birthday party is complete without a cake. It doesn’t matter how old your dad is—you’re bound to find a cake that suits him.

Don’t fall into the trap of buying an ordinary sponge cake that you can find in most bakeshops (unless it’s his favorite). Instead, head to your local baker and tell them exactly what your Dad loves. You can also ask them to decorate the cake with designs that mean a lot to him.

If your Dad doesn’t have a sweet tooth, consider making a ‘cake’ out of his favorite food. One popular option is baking mini pies and arranging them in the shape of a cake.

Invite all his loved ones

Birthday parties are a special occasion. This means your Dad may want to have all his loved ones around him when he celebrates his big day. Take the pressure off your Dad, create a guest list, and send out invites to his closest friends and family. This is also a great way of turning his party into a surprise, as he won’t know anything about it. Remember that some guests may live far away, but they are sure to go the distance if it is a special birthday you are celebrating.

Secure attendance from your guests by creating personalized invitations by hand, or using some nifty online templates.

Choose some fun entertainment

When people have traveled from all over to attend the party, you’ll want to make sure everyone stays entertained. One of the best ways of doing this is by setting a theme for your party, as this is the kind of entertainment that takes care of itself.

Popular ideas include casino nights, the Great Gatsby, or a Hollywood party. Accompany your theme with a killer playlist. You may even wish to hire a local band to play some of your Dad’s favorite tunes.

Make it last forever

Extend the party

Your Dad’s birthday celebration need not last just one day! If you’re set on giving your Dad the most memorable birthday ever, consider celebrating the occasion throughout the week. This doesn’t mean having a party every night. On one night, you could go out for a family meal, and on another, you could have a fun day out together. This is also an excellent solution if your Dad doesn’t have much family to celebrate with, or if he’s not a party person.

Take some special photographs

Birthdays don’t last forever, but memories can.

The best way to do this is by taking some high-quality images of your dad’s big day. If you don’t have a camera that you can use to commemorate your dad’s birthday, it’s worth taking a look at this roundup of the best digital cameras of 2019 to see if there’s one that suits you. If these options are too expensive, buy a lot of disposable cameras and hand them out at the party. You’ll get some fun, vintage-feel photographs that can be printed and scanned onto a CD.

And when you’ve developed the images, don’t hide them away in a photo album. Display them in your Dad’s home using a Nixplay Photo Frame, so he can relive memories of this incredible birthday.

4 Nostalgia-Filled Ideas To Celebrate International Friendship Day

By: Guest Post by Photomyne

Few things in life are as pure as friendship. Whether our greatest friendships began over a shared toy before we could spell our names, or over a game of Mahjong that became the can’t-miss moment of your week, our friends have become our bridge to shared happiness.

International Friendship Day may be over, but the bond you share with your friends should be celebrated every day. Here are a few great ways to look back on the relationships that matter most to you.

Dig Through Old Photo Albums
Human memory may fade, but the moments we hold closest to our hearts need not be gone too. Looking at old photographs is a great way to remind yourself of where you were and how your friends helped mold you into who you are. If the memories in our minds contain the unwritten records of our lives, then the photos we take hold our written history, effectively capturing the colors and moods of erstwhile forgotten moments and preserving them in print.

Turn Your Printed Pictures Into Digital Ones
It’s important that we hold on to our history. By preserving our pictures, we ensure that they will remain not only a part of our memories but also a part of our futures.

With a digital scanning app like Photomyne (free on iOS and Android), you can easily scan decades’ worth of photos on to your phone. Now you can quickly find that first photo of you with your college roommate on your next reunion!

Share The Love
Never miss a chance to let your friends know how much they mean to you! Don’t keep this love and emotion to yourself—share the love and let your friends know how much you care. Show them exactly how much they mean to you by sharing with them photos of your lives together.

Call A Friend & Catch Up
When is the last time you picked up the phone and called a friend you haven’t heard from in years? Maybe your college roommate is traveling around the world and the time difference made connecting that much harder. Perhaps your best friend since your daycare days just had a baby and time just got in the way. No matter the situation, all it takes is that one phone call to rekindle the magic that brought you two close in the first place.

No matter what, never let life get in the way of a beautiful friendship. Do what it takes to relive the unconditional love that only comes from your friends.

5 Easy Ways to Spruce Up Your Home This Summer
By: Mars Salazar

We may be halfway through summer, but it’s not yet too late to celebrate the sunniest season! Spruce up your home for the summer with these simple tips.

Use Summer-Inspired Linens
Here’s an easy way to give your home a summery feel: Use linens with bright colors or summery prints. Nautical bedsheets, brightly colored pillowcases, and a beach-inspired duvet lend a relaxing vibe to your home.

Add Outdoor Lights To Your Garden
This summer, take the chance to spend as much time outdoors as you can. Adding dainty string lights to your patio will give your summer parties a charming, inviting feel. Outdoor lamps, meanwhile, will add a lovely feel to your garden.

Invest In a Summery Scent
Another easy way to prep your abode for the summer is by changing your home’s scent. Get a candle with a beachy, tropical scent for your living room, or a reed diffuser with a light, zesty fragrance for your bedroom.

Brighten Up Your Home With Summery Blooms
You can always count on a bit of greenery to liven up your interiors. Get some colorful petunias, zinnias, marigolds, sunflowers, or California poppies, and arrange them in vases around your home. You can also try planting hydrangeas, peonies, or daisies in your garden to give it a vibrant touch.

Set Up A Casual Sitting Area
The lazy days of summer are for lounging about at home, bonding with loved ones and relaxing. Designate a corner of your home for relaxation, and decorate it with a colorful woven rug, comfortable cushions, and a low table. You’d want to lounge there all day long!

Don’t forget to take photos of all your summer memories! Display them on a Nixplay Frame and have your summer memories on display all day long.

How To Make Friends While Traveling
By: The Nixplay Team

Meeting new people is always a major highlight of any trip. Whether you got to know friendly locals at a sports game or hobnobbed with fellow tourists while sightseeing, one thing’s for sure: The memories you shared will be cherished forever.

However, making friends on the road isn’t as easy as it looks, especially for introverts. Befriending other people involves deliberately stepping outside your comfort zone and making yourself a bit vulnerable, and it can even trigger moments of mind-wracking anxiety. But rest assured, the payoff is usually worth it.

So how does one go about making friends while traveling? Here are some easy ways to do so.

Hang out at a bar
Traveling alone? Seek out a lively bar, order a drink, and chat up the person who eventually sits next to you. Start with small talk—bring up the weather or ask about the person’s drink—then proceed from there.

Join a free tour
You can find free walking tours in several cities worldwide, and the good news is that they’re usually free. It’s a lovely way to see the sights while learning interesting things about each landmark’s history. Don’t forget to give your guide a good tip!

Get active on social media
Join travel groups on Facebook and ask around for travel tips, interesting restaurants, and other fun activities in your destination. Who knows, you might even get invited to fun events!

Volunteering hits two birds with one stone: You’ll get to meet new people while helping out the community. It also provides you with an in-depth view of the issues surrounding your destination and gives you a newfound appreciation of the life you’re lucky enough to live.

Just strike up a conversation!
Really, it all boils down to getting out of your comfort zone and chatting up the people around you. Stuck on a bus for a long trip? Strike up a conversation with the person beside you. Taking pictures around the city by your lonesome? Don’t hesitate to a stranger to take a picture so you’re in the frame, and return the favor. Just go ahead and chat!

With the right mindset, you’ll befriend a ton of people before your trip is over. Don’t forget to take lots of photos with your new pals and display them on your Nixplay Frame!

5 Ways To Clear Mental Clutter

Marie Kondo’s books and Netflix series have inspired people everywhere to empty out drawers, clean out cabinets, and get rid of anything that doesn’t “spark joy”. Her work highlights the benefits of clearing the clutter from your life, something professional organizers around the world have been helping families do for decades.

However, it’s important to know that physical clutter is only one piece of the simplifying puzzle. Getting rid of the piles of paper, the clothes that don’t fit, and your now-teenagers’ childhood toys littered in your home is a significant first step in the journey to eliminating stress and unwanted things. Clearing your mental clutter is another powerful step in the process of truly simplifying your life.

What is mental clutter?
I define mental clutter as the thoughts that take up space in your mind, creating confusion, stress, and exhaustion. Mental clutter keeps you from thinking straight, making decisions and living intentionally. With intention, focus, and patience, you can clear it from your life just as easily as tossing those holey socks and worn towels.

Here are six ways to clear mental clutter:

Spend time in nature (without your phone).

When’s the last time you went somewhere without your phone? Do you even remember?

We’ve become so used to always having a phone that it feels unnatural to leave home without it. But being unplugged can help you settle into a few minutes or a few hours of much-needed downtime. Immerse yourself in nature and let your mind wander. Approach this time away with curiosity and engage your senses to notice the sights, sounds and smells around you. This experience is an opportunity to clear your mind and set your thoughts aside.

Do a brain dump
How often do you think about all the things you have to do? Maybe you have sticky notes, notes on your phone, or voicemails and emails spread out, all over reminding you of the many tasks you need to complete. A brain dump will help fix this.

Choose a central location, either a notepad or a digital app, to serve as your main brain dump location. Write an exhaustive list of everything you can think of that requires your attention. Just getting these thoughts out of your mind enables you to see them as a whole, sort them, and act on them. Knowing your responsibilities and having a plan to tackle them takes the swirling thoughts out of your mind, eliminating your stress.

Finish or let go of an unfinished project.
Do you have any unfinished projects in your life? I’m guessing your answer is “yes” based on what I’ve seen in my experience working with families to simplify their homes and lives. Whether it’s a broken ornament you’re planning to superglue back together, a scarf you had the best of intentions to knit, or the storage rack you bought on sale last year and planned to put up in the garage, unfinished projects abound in our homes and lives.

While these unfinished projects don’t seem to affect us on a day-to-day basis, they can drain our energy and contribute to our mental clutter more than we realize. What do you think about each day when you pull into the garage and walk around the storage rack box sitting on the floor? What happens when you see the yarn basket next to the couch each night? Being aware of these unfinished projects is a significant step in clearing this clutter.

With your brain dump, you’ll have a clear list of the unfinished projects in your life. Once you know what your unfinished projects are, you can decide what to do about them. Your options are simple: Finish the project, or let it go. If you’re planning to finish it, schedule the time, set a deadline, and purchase any needed supplies. Break it down into chunks or ask for help if needed.

For example, if “organize my pictures” has been on your list for years, ask family members to share the responsibilities and costs with you, set goals for each month, and schedule the time in your calendar. Make the project fun by planning family gatherings to work on it or listen to music as you sort and scan. Stay focused on your end goal, such as seeing all of your photos organized and digitized on your Nixplay frame and think about how great it will be to finally finish the project. Of course, if you have unfinished projects that no longer sound exciting or necessary, return products and supplies that you can, then donate the rest to an organization that would be happy to have them.

Focus on one thing at a time.
Do you ever feel like your mind is a computer browser with 22 tabs open, all needing your attention? Just like your computer can’t function well with too many programs running at the same time, neither can you. Research continues to show that multitasking isn’t effective.

Learn to start focusing on and fully finishing just one project at a time. Use your brain dump to prioritize what you need to work on and schedule time in your calendar to complete the steps. Choose to delegate tasks that others can do and delete things that really don’t need to be done after all. Be mindful when you find yourself inching back toward multitasking. Use this as a signal to shift gears and do another brain dump.

Clear a shelf, counter, or surface.

Just as your unfinished projects subtly steal your attention and drain your energy, so can cluttered shelves and surfaces in your home. Experiment with this by clearing one shelf in your home. Choose one that you see every day and clear everything from it. See if you can keep it this way for one week (or longer). Creating this white space gives your eyes and mind a chance to rest. See what you notice over time. As you learn to embrace this space, continue clearing areas around your home and clearing your mental clutter.

You don’t have to be super busy all the time. Using these tips, you can clear the mental clutter from your life and spend more time enjoying the space you create!

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