Flat Tummy's Metabolism Support Iced Tea Review

Flat Tummy’s Metabolism Support Iced Tea Review

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4 Week Pack (28 Servings)

It’s all fun and games until your metabolism slows down, hey?
Kickstart your tummy with freakin’ ICED TEA and get back to flat.*

Benefits of Metabolism Support Iced Tea:

  • Support Metabolism*
  • Support Digestion*
  • Antioxidant Boost*
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Alright, ladies! Our metabolisms aren’t like they used to be and if you’re like us, you could use an extra boost to your workout routine help burn unwanted calories & LBS.* Kick start your tummy with refreshing AF Metabolism Support Iced Tea. Get flat.* Get refreshed!

Babe Tip: Our Infuser works to keep things hot, but it will also work to keep cold things cold. Yep, even iced tea. You’re welcome.

How It Works

We recommend starting every day with a glass of Metabolism Support Iced Tea. This blend is made up of handpicked ingredients that are packed with antioxidants that work together to kickstart your tummy (including
metabolism and digestion*), so you can feel freakin’ fiiine all day*.

4 New Flat Tummy Iced Tea Recipes

We just launched 3 new functional teas and one of them is ICED. FREAKIN. TEA! Since it’s Summer, we figured it would be super helpful to give you some refreshing AF recipes for when you’re keeping cool, and sipping on your Metabolism Support Iced Tea.

The Classic

The best way? The OG way (obvs). Put 1 tsp of Metabolism Support Iced Tea into a strainer and infuse in 1 cup of hot water for 5-7 minutes. Remove tea strainer and cool in fridge for 1 hour. Serve over ice and drink!

Flat Tummy Iced Tea

Babein’ Mojito

Did you ever think you could use your Metabolism Support Iced Tea as a base for a totally yum cocktail? Well, it’s pretty freaking easy. Make it with or without white rum, add all natural sweetener to taste, along with mint leaves and lime wedges, then muddle.

Iced Tea Mojito

Feelin’ Fruity

Wanna add a little more flavor? Add in frozen (or fresh) fruit! We find rhubarb, cucumber and celery gives it a fresh taste. If you want to sweeten it up, try peaches! It’s up to you and your taste on this one, find what you like best!

Cold Brewed Iced Tea With Fruit

Something Sweet

Mix in fresh fruit juice to sweeten it up. Try adding apple juice or basically any other fruit juice (grape, cranberry, orange). If you’re feeling super summery, make it tropical with mango or pineapple juice!

Iced Tea With Fruit

Getting Floral

Freeze edible flower petals in ice cube trays (from a florist or grocery store). Once they’re ready, put them in your glass and pour your iced tea over top! It definitely looks cute AF, but it also gives a fresh, mild floral flavor to your iced tea.

Frozen Edible Flower Petals

Ready to try one out? Get started and grab your Metabolism Iced Tea here and get sipping! If you have got a totally tasty Iced Tea recipe hit us up so we can share it with our squad!

5 Ways To Start Your New Year Strong


1. Take a look back
Our babes here at HQ find it really helpful to take a look back at 2018 as a whole.

new years resolution

Feeling like you snacked a little too much on the weekends? Or skipped the gym just a few too many days? No sweat, babe! Our tip? Avoid the weekend snacking by bringing some Appetite Suppressant Lollipops with you, or prepacking your Shake in your shaker bottle.

2. Set yourself realistic goals
Trust us – we get it, setting goals (and following through with them) is freaking hard. It’s super helpful to break your goal into smaller, more manageable, easier to achieve milestones. This way you can make a game plan and timeline for seeing results! AND you get to celebrate each win, no matter how small!

New Year goals

3. Lean on your bestie

There is no better way to get that tummy back to flat and stay on track then to spend time with your bestie for some motivation, encouragement (and healthy competition). We all have those days when we just want to veg and skip the workout… but your bestie will definitely give you the push you need to keep going! Cheer each other along the whole way… because if she’s killing it – you are too!

new years party

4. Sleep is for the weak strong
Seriously, one of the most important things to do to start your day off strong is to get enough sleep! Getting 7 – 9 hours will help keep you energized and focused. And, we know when you are feeling recharged you will totally crush your workout! Plus, don’t forget your Flat Tummy Cleanse – it will help you detox and reduce bloat!

New years plan

5. Put yourself first
Be a little selfish, you’re worth it! It can be so easy to focus on everyone else and forget to get that workout in (or forget your Flat Tummy Shake for lunch). Make sure you put yourself at the top of the list and make yourself a priority!

new year new tummy

These are just a few ways you can start 2019 off strong. Of course, every babe is different so just be sure to stick to what’s important to you! Oh, and don’t forget your Flat Tummy Essentials to help keep you on track!

Long Weekend Recovery Tips

girl sitting down pink wall

So you waited for what felt like forever, for the long weekend celebrations to have a much needed break. The weekend comes to an end and you’re left with some fun memories and a totally blaaaah feeling to start the week. We’ve all been there… you fell off track just a little bit (OK or maybe a lot). But you’re in luck, because we went ahead and did some research for quick, easy fixes to recover from the long weekend – here’s 4 things you can try!

1. Detox your system – Maybe you wish you hadn’t had those last few drinks and you’re not totally feeling 100%? It happens. Start a Flat Tummy Tea program! The Activate and Cleanse tea will help you cleanse your system, support metabolism and reduce bloat AKA ditch that blaaah feeling! Grab your Flat Tummy Tea Infuser and bring your Activate Tea with you when you’re on the go – no excuses!

flat tummy tea

2. Rehydrate – (We mean with water!) Drink a glass of warm water with lemon first thing in the morning – it’s a great way to settle your tummy and get rid of lingering dehydration. Be sure to keep a bottle nearby for the day, so it’s always within reach.

flat tummy infused water recipe

3. Exercise – As much as you don’t want to. It’s a freakin’ huge help to get moving and get in some exercise! Even a brisk walk outside with a friend is better than nothing! Sunlight and fresh air are great hangover helpers.

girl outside in workout gear

4. Update your playlist – Nothing helps your workout and motivation to get moving more than a fresh new playlist. Take 20 minutes, grab some new jams and get going.

pink electronics

These might seem like really straight forward ideas, but sometimes you’ve got to get back to the basics to get on track.

6 Ways To Stay Motivated

Motivation blog

If you think you’re getting out of your New Tummy resolution after two-weeks, think again, babe. We know some of you need a bit more motivation. That’s why we’re hitting you up with our six ways to stay motivated!

1. Write down your goal(s) – Before you start anything, what is it you want to accomplish? What’re the 3 things motivating you to make this your goal? Once you’ve thought of those, you can make a plan for how you’re going to get there. You’ll be able to look at these when you’re having an off day, and remind yourself exactly why you’re doing this.


2. Take before photos – Nobody else has to see these except you and trust us, they can be very motivating! Small changes are hard to notice overtime, but they are happening. Our babe took a before photo and one at her 3 weeks mark for her Shake It Baby program. Since there’s a before photo to compare to, you can see just how far she’s come in a super short period!

3. Set reminders on your phone – We’re talking about simpler things. Like reminders that go off every hour saying “Drink Up” (..water, not wine). Or daily challenge, like going a day without coffee / go outside for 30 minutes. You basically set yourself up to accomplish a goal everyday and that feels pretty freaking good. And don’t forget to set your reminder to drink your Flat Tummy Tea.


4. Tell-A-Babe – Because honestly ladies, some days you’re just gonna wanna do nothing and you can’t quite find that bit of motivation (no matter how hard you try). Chances are, the babe you partnered up with, is feelin’ motivated. And she’s gonna drag you off your butt, and help you get sh*t done.


5. Treat yourself – We’re all about balance. So if you had a killer week or even a killer day, h*ll yeah you can grab a treat. Just don’t undo alllll the hard work you just put in. And hey, you can always pair it with a glass of water so they basically cancel themselves out. Right? Whatever, we got Flat Tummy Cleanse for that anyways.


6. The secret weapon – Because we like to treat ourselves on more occasions than we should… you know we gotta have our Shake It Baby shakes to kick start each week right. Nothing’s more de-motivating than feeling like crap after the weekend, just because we had a few #whoops moments. So there ya have it, ladies. Six ways Flat Tummy HQ stays motivated, and you will too! What’re you waiting for?! Grab a pen, grab a piece of paper and get going. 2018 is our damn year.


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Frequently Asked Questions:

What does Metabolism Support Iced Tea taste like?
Refreshing AF. It has a mild ginger flavor with a hint of citrus, which is the perfect combo when served over ice.

What kind of results can I expect?
It’s designed to boost your metabolism, which when mixed with exercise can help to burn unwanted cals & LBS*. It’s also about making sure your tummy is functioning at peak performance and feeling freakin’ good.*

How do I make it?
Same way you make a hot tea! Use 1 tsp of the loose leaf blend and about 8 ounces of hot water. Steep for approx
5-7 mins, remove strainer and let it cool in fridge or freeze for a few minutes. Once ready, serve over ice and drink

Nutritional Facts:

Metabolism Support Iced Tea: Green Tea (leaf), Ginger (root),Green Rooibos (leaf),Peppermint (leaf), Natural Lemon Flavor,Org. Stevia (leaf)

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Program Duration:

4 Week Pack (28 Servings)

Flat Tummy’s Metabolism Support Iced Tea Review

$39.00 $31.20

$39.00 $31.20

Click Here For Flat Tummy's Metabolism Support Iced Tea - 4 Week Pack