Flat Tummy's Menstrual Cycle Tea Review

Flat Tummy’s Menstrual Cycle Tea Review

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4 Week Pack (28 Servings)

Starting to feel the cramps coming on? Dealing with that annoying bloated, sluggish, blahhh feeling? Get back to feeling freakin’ good all damn month.*

Benefits of Menstrual Cycle Tea:

  • Ease Cramping*
  • Support Digestion*
  • Support a Positive Mood*

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Bloat’s a b*tch and so are periods. This all natural herbal blend is specifically designed to help ease cramping and support digestion.* So stop dealing with that annoying bloated, sluggish, blahhh feeling every damn month, and feel freakin’ good. The cherry on top? It’ll even work to support a positive mood.*

How It Works

It’s super easy. Whenever the cramps start to hit or if you’re feeling a bit blahhh, have one cup of Menstrual Cycle Tea for an all natural boost.*

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What does Menstrual Cycle Tea taste like?
It’s one of our favs! It’s a super mild apple cinnamon flavor (and when we say mild, we do mean mild, babe).

Can I only use it during my period?
It’s specifically designed to combat symptoms associated with your menstrual cycle, though it is 100% natural and can be used during any time of the month if you need an extra boost!

How do I make it?
Be prepared to combat cramps whenever, wherever with our Flat Tummy Tea Infuser!* Just add 1 tsp of the loose leaf blend into the strainer, and about 8 ounces of hot water. Let it steep for 5-7 minutes and drink up!

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Program Duration:

4 Week Pack (28 Servings)